Monday, November 16, 2009

Its hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less then two weeks away and we all know what comes after that! I love this time of year...crisp autumn air, apples, football games, comfort food, a cozy day spent under a cozy blanket. Sounds good huh? Then of course the holidays that follow - it really brings out the kid in all of us. I remember growing up, my mom, sister, aunt, and grand-mas would spend Thanksgiving afternoon pouring through catalogs, putting red stars next to our favorites and making our wishlists. Remember the huge Sears Toy Catalog - that was the BEST!

Then after our Thanksgiving meal, my Dad would pull out the wishbone and it would go on the window sill to dry out. Once it was nice and dry(a few days later), my sister and I would each grab an end, close our eyes and wish wish the story goes that whoever got the bigger piece was the winner and their wish would come true...I feel like we both won - what great memories!

What would your wish be? How about making your own wishlist? Stop into Grace and ask on the grace girls for a wishlist form - simply fill it out and then we will email your special someone and let them know you have "made a wish"!

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