Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meet Our Furry Friends!

Happy Love Your Pets Day!  It may not be the best-known holiday, but we think it's a pretty great one.  After all, for millions of us, life just wouldn't be the same without our animal friends!  So, in honor of the holiday, we'd like to introduce you to a few of our pets:  

Meet Spencer (Candy's), Marley (Kate's), Gattuso (Rachel B.'s),
Tali (Rachel R.'s), and Willow (JP's).

Aren't they cute?  We'd love to see your pets, too!  Just share them on our Facebook page or tag them with #GraceStores on Pinterest, and we'll add them to our Furry Friends Pinterest board!

And why not declare your love for your pet in true Grace style?  From bags to signs to jewelry, we have some items that are perfect for the pet lover.  (After all, we're pet lovers ourselves!)  So stop by, check them out, and show your pets a little extra love today!

Best Dog Ever frame, $38. b.u. dog bone earrings, $48. Dog bone necklace
and earrings set, $34. Dogs Welcome People Tolerated sign, $15. Dogs
Leave Paw Prints sign, $10. All You Need Is Love...And A Dog sign, $10.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Grace Fave: Wellspring Travel Cases

Clockwise from top left: contact lens case, $12.  Pill case, $20.
Jewelry case, $39.  Scrunchy case, $12.
Organization: for some, it's a lifestyle.  For others - many others - it's more of a pipe dream.  Try as we might, it can be hard to keep everything completely orderly all the time; there always seem to be those little odds and ends that go missing all the time or never stay in one place.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a convenient and cute solution for those items?  Done!  We recently got a collection of cases by Wellspring in the store, and believe us when we say that they are lifesavers.  As you can see above, we have the contact lens case, the pill case, the jewelry travel case, and the "scrunchy case."  Here are a few of our favorite things about each case:

  • Contact lens case: comes with cleaning solution bottle and a built-in mirror
  • Pill case: includes eight handy compartments and a card for medication information
  • Jewelry case: includes removable drawstring pouch; softly lined to keep jewelry safe
  • Scrunchy case: collapsible, and comes with built-in mirror; perfect for coins, makeup, hair elastics, etc.

If one of your New Year's resolutions was to be more organized, it's not too late!  These handy little cases could be your best friends.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tasty Treats for the Big Game

Fun fact: the Super Bowl is the second-biggest day of food consumption in the United States (second only to Thanksgiving)!  That means there will be a lot of nachos, buffalo wings and chili being passed around tomorrow.  Why not mix up your game day menu a little bit this year?  We have a brand new selection of Stonewall Kitchen products in the store, and they're the perfect ingredients for a great Super Bowl viewing party.  Courtesy of Stonewall Kitchen, here are a few delicious and unique recipes that will make this Super Bowl one to remember.  Enjoy!

Blue Cheese Herb Mustard

Blue Cheese Herb Mustard Cheese Ball

Maine Maple Champagne Mustard

Caramelized Onion Mustard

Roasted Garlic Onion Jam

Spicy Corn Relish

And how about a sweet treat?  We now have Stonewall Kitchen's vanilla and lemon cupcake mixes - just think how perfect they would be for some football-decorated cupcakes.  

In fact, you can head over to our Tasty Treats Pinterest board to find some Super Bowl cupcake inspiration, as well as all the recipes in this post (and more)!  Have a fun, safe, and delicious Super Bowl Sunday!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

There's a Celebrity In Our Midst...

Fun fact: did you know that Grace co-owner Candy's son, Jesse Kramer, is famous?  Well, he's one step closer now!  As the founder of Manhattan's Brooklyn Taco, Jesse recently stopped by New York's CBS 2 studio to share some of his wisdom.

Jesse Kramer, center, shows CBS 2 anchors Rob Morrison
and Mary Calvi how it's done.
Jesse taught anchors Rob Morrison and Mary Calvi how to make a delicious breakfast taco - so delicious, in fact, that other members of the CBS 2 team gathered around the food "like sharks!"  Jealous?  Don't be - you can get the recipe right here.  And don't forget to check out the video below:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Grace Fave: Musee Bath Balms

Musee Bath Balms, $7 each.

Usually when you think color, you think energy.  The bright yellows, pinks and greens of spring seem to say, "HELLO! Wake up! Spring is in the air! Yay!"  Which is wonderful, of course - but what about when you want to relax a little bit?  Here at Grace, we've got the perfect solution: Musee Bath Balms.  Each hand-pressed ball is a mix of natural ingredients - including salts, sugars, milk bath and essential oils - that will soothe your skin and smell amazing as they dissolve in the bath.  Did we mention that they are completely adorable?  We carry the bath balms in seven colorful varieties, each named after a different song, and some even have a little treasure inside!  After you take your pick, we'll even wrap the balms in their own special tissue paper so you can bring them home mess-free.  Check out the different ingredients below:

  • All You Need Is Love: red thyme and rose absolute essential oils, grape seed oil, patchouli
  • Free Bird: apricot oil, sweet orange oil, honeysuckle fragrance
  • Son Of A Sailor: grapefruit essential oil, grape seed oil, milk bath (treasure inside)
  • Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds: Roman chamomile and geranium essential oils, almond oil, milk bath, glitter (treasure inside)
  • Amazing Grace: jojoba oil, geranium oil, rosemary oil (treasure inside)
  • Marry Me: rose absolute and red thyme essential oils, natural sesame oil, milk bath (treasure inside)
  • Tupelo Honey: almond oil, neroli oil, apricot seeds, fresh Mississippi honey
There you have it - the perfect escape from this below-freezing weather!  And let's face it, who couldn't use one?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spring Into Scarves

Do you ever get that feeling when, despite the snow on the ground and the chill in the air, you're just so, so, SO ready for spring?  We might be a little ways away from the season itself, but here at Grace we've created a little haven for anyone who needs a break from winter.  We recently introduced some marvelous spring fashion, and today we're bringing you some tips on spring's most versatile accessory: the lightweight scarf, of course!  Not only do we have scarves in dozens of colors and patterns, but we're also going to show you how a single scarf can be worn in many different ways.  Take a look for some springtime inspiration so you'll be one step ahead when the weather gets warmer!