Monday, January 3, 2011


According to Websters,
1. a formal expression of opinion or intention made
2. a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.
Every year, I guess I privately resolve some things at the new year, a few of my faves over the years have been:
1. Eat healthier
2. Read more
3. Try new recipes

You get the idea, well usually I do not "formally" make my expression.  Perhaps this is where I have gone wrong.  Well either way, 
I am resolving to blog more.  
We have so much to tell you all about and what a perfect way to get the info out...if only I could master the ever elusive bandit...the big T...TIME!

How do you all find more TIME to do things you want to get done?  Cause isn't that what it is all about?  I just picked up a copy of this magazine and they have a feature titled, 4 Weeks To You Best Self.

I know sounds very Oprahish ( I just made that word up)...who on a side note just launched her new network and there seem to be some pretty great shows in the works...anyway back on topic.  So this mag, which is actually a Martha publication, has a four week plan to cleanse out the bad and reshape the new.   "If you have been eating, drinking, and making a little too merry, have we got the cure for you!", sounds about right.

So this weeks goal - Pare Down and Purify...some of it attainable, some of it a little more difficult.  In addition to cleansing your diet, they also talk about detoxing your mind.  Interesting thought.

Day 1 Begin a week-long media fast: No TV, and cut back on online time.

Hmmm..perhaps this could help in my finding more time.  I do not watch a ton of TV, but every little bit helps right?  Sorta blows that whole Oprah new network thing..well I guess that's what DVR's are for. Lets see what happens..sorry Matt Lauer, no Today Show to start my day today.  Check back tomorrow for an update on my progress and to see what my goal is for Day 2.  

So what are your resolutions and how do you stick to them?

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Christine said...

Not here to comment about resolutions, BUT, I did want to tell you what a pleasure it was to shop at GRACE this year for the holidays! I truly dislike the sense of rush and overstatement at the malls particularly during the holidays. I enjoyed Grace for its leisurely browsing, the personal kind attention offered, giving thought to people's taste and likes, and strolling away with my beautifully wrapped gifts! Not to mention the wonderful calm of the background was delightful, I could have tried all the lotions. It felt like a good ole' fashion experience and it will be a tradition for me. We usually offer our two daughters (15 and 17) a few requests for Santa each year, other than that the rest are thoughtful, unanticipated gifts and elements of surprise. They still love the anticipation of an unknown, thoughtfully wrapped gift. I was able to get them, and friends and family members, some very special, well priced and unique gifts at GRACE that they all loved! The cable infinity scarf (figure 8) my youngest wears constantly and it made great gifts for others, the jewelry and fingerless plaid gloves were thoughtful small gifts for others (ok, me too). The GIANTS NECK home sign was well received by my mother in law as was her soft infinite scarf and gloves. We even came back after the holidays and my daughter purchased a very stunning dress for New Year's eve with her monetary Christmas gifts.

I thought it was appropriate to help spread the word about GRACE for you and to thank you for bringing back the spirit of peace and serenity during the holiday season! Let me know when those cable scarves are marked down, I think I will treat myself!

All my best and a Healthy and Peaceful New Year to all!

Christine Lena
Madison, CT