Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meet Our Furry Friends!

Happy Love Your Pets Day!  It may not be the best-known holiday, but we think it's a pretty great one.  After all, for millions of us, life just wouldn't be the same without our animal friends!  So, in honor of the holiday, we'd like to introduce you to a few of our pets:  

Meet Spencer (Candy's), Marley (Kate's), Gattuso (Rachel B.'s),
Tali (Rachel R.'s), and Willow (JP's).

Aren't they cute?  We'd love to see your pets, too!  Just share them on our Facebook page or tag them with #GraceStores on Pinterest, and we'll add them to our Furry Friends Pinterest board!

And why not declare your love for your pet in true Grace style?  From bags to signs to jewelry, we have some items that are perfect for the pet lover.  (After all, we're pet lovers ourselves!)  So stop by, check them out, and show your pets a little extra love today!

Best Dog Ever frame, $38. b.u. dog bone earrings, $48. Dog bone necklace
and earrings set, $34. Dogs Welcome People Tolerated sign, $15. Dogs
Leave Paw Prints sign, $10. All You Need Is Love...And A Dog sign, $10.

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