Thursday, November 4, 2010

Regis and the City

Cue the fun music...three girls on an adventure...

On a recent buying trip to NYC, the grace girls had an opportunity to go see a live taping of Regis and Kelly and it was an absolute blast.  On the way down we had said how funny would it be if one of us was the gogo dancer...well you know how the "secret" works...check out Margaux as she made her debut dancing away during the live trivia game.

the pretty girl from Old Lyme

it was so cool getting a peek behind the scenes 

Regis and Kelly were so great - Kelly was absolutely stunning and Regis was hilarious and just as goofy in person as he is on the show.  In between takes they would come out and chat with the crowd about everything from Jersey Shore to Dancing with the Stars.  On the day we went there was no big celebrity guest, but they did have the Editor-In-Chief from Woman's Day Magazine with some great ideas for Halloween baking and decorating.

love this candy corn garland

what about the candy corn tree buds or how about the candy corn orbs - pretty cool! 

A little late for Halloween this year, but file for future ideas, and I am sure you can tweak this idea for Thanksgiving.  Check out some more great holiday and seasonal decorating ideas here.

The "REEEG" and Margaux

The Grace Girls


Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast! Go Grace girls!

Rosa said...

Hi Rachel
Love you're NY pics and you're website! I'll have to come check it out.