Saturday, April 30, 2011

Je Suis Margaux...

Background~ A mother of a cheeky three year old, Charlotte ("Charlie"), and wife to a great husband who supports me in my adventures... "Honey, why do you have an old rusty stool in your car and where did it come from?". Although I have a degree in animal science and worked in the science field, I was born with the love of decor, creativity, and treasure hunting. This of course, led me to Grace, where I met my match and am surrounded by great women who share my passion.
My Hearts~Vintage finds (if something looks like it has "a story to tell" then I love it), anything French (decor, names, food), chippy furniture, boxwoods & hydrangeas, Ashlawn Farm in Lyme, pergolas, coastal living, anything furry with four legs, gardening, burlap, boating, white linens, driftwood, teak and reclaimed wood, summers at Black Point, oreo cookie ice cream, farmers markets, a good workout, beauty products, saltines (topped with various items), my nightly bubble bath routine, bleached bed sheets and towels, decorating to personal style (not copying a spread in a catalogue), matching mommy/daughter clothes from Jcrew, chandeliers, children's birthday parties, Myer's cleaning products and Murphy's oil soap, believing that to feel good you must give back, volunteering, good friends, organization.

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