Saturday, April 30, 2011

Plant your way to FIVE a day!

It’s the time of year to start planning for a kitchen vegetable garden! Now that spring has finally arrived and the warmer weather is affecting our minds and transforming our moods, it’s best to take advantage of this surge of motivation to put our time, energy and dollars to good use. A vegetable garden is the perfect way to combine health and saving priorities.
People often find vegetable gardening intimidating! Simply put...Gardening is fun. Gardening is educational. Gardening is neighborly. Gardening is meditative. Gardening should never be scary or dismaying. If there is any part of gardening that seems unachievable then we gardeners who enjoy it so much have not communicated our joy to you successfully. 

Soil Mates, by Sara Alway, is our favorite book for both novice and experienced gardeners.
Alway's book is a cleverly irresistible guide to vegetable companion gardening or horticultural matchmaking. It provides tips and tricks by highlighting each vegetable's "match" and "turn off" plants in order to establish garden harmony. Let's face it, everyone has a soft spot for special treatment, including plants. Did you know that broccoli and rosemary are "friends with benefits"? It is a fool proof way to simply learn the basics of vegetable gardening, grow better vegetables, and is an entertaining read by Alway’s lighthearted approach to a subject that could be mundane.
With the many health benefits of growing your own food and the simplicity of this book as a guide, there is no reason to be intimidated! Gardening is something you can do! 



nellwild said...

Great blog and so inspiring !! Can't wait to plant more this spring. Started my window boxes !

nellwild said...

I love everything about Spring.....rain, sunshine, new blooms and my window boxes !