Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grace Girls

Some of you might remember this post and my new years resolution.  Well, I started out okay, but when our remodel kicked into high gear, my bloggin kicked into, well, a dead stop.  So, I have enlisted some help in accomplishing my goal.  Going forward we will have two of our Grace Girls sharing the bloggin duties with me over here at It's All About Grace.

Andrea needs no introduction, she has been with us from way back in the cottage lane days, and has been an essential part of the Grace creative team.  Andrea is our resident artist and she is always up on the latest trends in fashion, so I look forward to her modern point of view.

You might remember Margaux from her own fabulous blog.  Margaux joined the Grace Girl's Team last year and is always ready with a warm smile and a funny story.  She has agreed to come offer her expertise about everything from organizing & gardening to interior inspirations.

Here are some great behind the scenes shots of the girls getting the shop all decked out in its holiday best.  Stay tuned for more info on gorgeous and fabulous grace girls!

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