Saturday, December 22, 2012

Festive Fashion: All the Extras

This is the third and final post in a series on holiday outfit ideas.

If you've read our last two blog posts, you might be feeling inspired and excited about dressing up a little bit for the holidays.  We're very happy to help!  But wait - you've got the outfit, but what about everything else?  You know, all those extras you simply can't leave the house without - a bag, things to keep in that bag, and everything you need to bundle up (it is winter, after all).  Well, we've got some ideas for those too.  Enjoy our must-have extras for holiday parties!

#1: Texting Gloves

Texting gloves, $24.
Here at Grace, some of us are very familiar with making emergency phone calls while trying to find a party.  (Note to everyone: sometimes, the Internet lies to you when you ask it for directions.)  Now that it's winter, if you should find yourself in a similar situation you won't want to freeze while calling or texting for help!  Gone are the days when you had to take off your gloves to use your phone's touch screen.  Texting gloves, with their touch screen-sensitive fingertips, will save the day so you can arrive on time, in style, and toasty warm!

#2: Dressy Scarves

Infinity scarves: prices vary.
Stay warm without sacrificing style!  If your look is fancy, you can dress up your outerwear with a special scarf.  Try one with velvet, sequins or sparkly thread detail to add a little flourish to your look.  You'll be dressed to impress before you even take your coat off!

#3: Sparkly Headwraps

Headwraps: prices vary, $15 to $25.
If you just worked tirelessly to create the perfect party updo, the last thing you're going to want to do is mess it up with a hat.  But you don't want to freeze either!  That's why headwraps get our vote for some of the best inventions for winter.  They'll cover up your ears to keep you cozy, but leave some room for your 'do.  With rhinestones and beading, they're ultra-glamorous and the perfect finishing touch on your en-route-to-the-party look.

#4: Kerisma Ponchos 

Kerisma ponchos: $48-$54 each.
Still chilly once you're inside?  A chic poncho can be thrown on top of a fun dress as an elegant - not to mention super comfy - cover up.  Available in a multitude of colors and even a few stripes, you're bound to find one that will look great with your party outfit.

#5: Structured Purses and Clutches

Purses: prices vary.
A special night out calls for a special bag to keep by your side, and we've got you covered!  A cute little clutch will make a stylish accessory without detracting from your outfit.  Plus, most of them have optional straps, so you can keep your hands free while you enjoy some tasty holiday treats or dance the night away!

#6: Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kits

Minimergency kits: $26 each.
So you have a gorgeous bag - now what should you keep in it?  You absolutely must include one of these fantastic emergency kits - they're party essentials.  If anything goes awry during the night, you'll be all set with the 52 lifesaving items included, from earring backs to hairspray to garment tape.  Even when the party's over, you'll never want to leave the house without your emergency kit again.

Thanks for checking out our Festive Fashion series, and may you all have a safe, stylish and fun holiday season!

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