Saturday, December 8, 2012

Grace Girl Picks: Candy

We're back with some very special Grace Girl Picks, chosen by none other than Grace co-owner Candy.  If she recommends it, you know you'll want to snap it up before it flies out of the store.  Keep reading for her great ideas!

Simpatico hobnail candles

Left to right: Ambergris, Stem, Scotch Pine, Fern, White Flower, Coral, Marine.
Simpatico hobnail candles, $35 each.
"The perfect house gift!" - Candy
The person who gets one of these candles as a gift is a lucky one indeed.  We have 7 scents in stock: Ambergris, White Flower, Coral, Scotch Pine, Fern, Stem, and Marine.  One of these candles will burn for around 80 hours, but once it's gone you can keep the beautiful hobnail glass and use it as a vase.  It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!  

Slouchy socks

Slouchy socks, $30 per pair.
"They're comfy, warm, and trendy." - Candy
These great socks are perfect for winter - they look fantastic peeking over boots, and let's not forget about all the added warmth they bring.  They're loose enough to pull up over your jeans but can also be worn underneath for some undercover layering.  These winter essentials come in several colors, so you'll find a pair for every outfit!

Make sure you look for the Grace Girl/Guy Picks signs in the store to find these wonderful items.  And remember, tomorrow is our eighth and final day of Grace favorites - you won't want to miss it!

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