Friday, December 21, 2012

Festive Fashion: Spotlight on Sparkle

This post is the second in a series on holiday outfit ideas.

The holiday season is all about sparkle.  There are twinkling lights on every house, glistening ornaments on every tree, and we can't forget about that giant, shining New Year's ball in Times Square.  So here's a tip: if you're looking to dress on-trend this season, sparkle is the way to go.  And what better way to show off that glitter than at a holiday party?  Take a cue from Grace Girl Rachel B. as she models a few great sparkly outfits from Grace (styled by Grace Guy JP).  With so many styles, there's something for everyone - let the holiday season be your time to shine!

Silver Belle

Dress, $69.  Necklace, $45.  Bracelet, $28.  Ring on right middle
finger, $19.  Other rings, tights, and shoes, Rachel's own.
Who says you have to limit jewelry with sparkly dresses?  With sequins on the bottom, you're free to dress up your neckline with some extra bling.  Go all out with a rhinestone bangle and a few rings, and you'll light up any party as soon as you arrive.

Midnight Glam

Dress, $68.  Necklaces, $30 each.  Bracelets, $10 each.  Ring on right
middle finger, $18.  Other rings, tights, and shoes, Rachel's own.  
"Sparkle" and "simplicity" don't have to be mutually exclusive!  This dress is interesting and basic at the same time, so there are plenty of options for dressing it up or down.  A little jacket and some boots would keep things more casual, or you can dress it up as Rachel did with great heels and piled-on jewelry.    

Glimmering Grecian

Dress, $72.  Right hand bracelet, $29.  Left hand top bracelet, $34.  Left hand bottom bracelet, $44.  Rings and shoes, Rachel's own.    
Miss the days of disco?  This dress is just what you need - especially if you're not big on sequins.  Its shimmering fabric is a great way to be trendy in an understated way.  Highlight the gorgeous color with some chunky, colorful jewelry, and you've got one statement-making holiday outfit.   

Eclectic and Polished

Top, $54.  Skirt, $45.  Clutch, $32.  Watch (on left wrist), $46.
Earrings, $18.  Barrette, $12.  Rings, tights and shoes, Rachel's own.
Mix it up by pairing a sequined skirt with a sequined top - they don't have to compete for attention.  With black sequins down below and a simple adornment at the shoulders, this outfit is fun without being too busy.  And a bonus: with two separate pieces, think of all the other outfit combinations you could create!  

Cute and Casual

Top, $57.  Earrings, $26.  Bracelet, $36.  Rings, pants and shoes, Rachel's own.
Are the parties on your holiday horizon a little more casual?  Not to worry, you can still bring a little sparkle into your outfit.  This great knit top has sequins sewn throughout for just enough shimmer to add a little something special.  The top becomes party-ready with some heels and great jewelry - then after the festivities, you can incorporate it into your everyday wardrobe.  Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Check back with us tomorrow for the final installment of our Festive Fashion series - we'll be telling you all about the essential extras for your next party!

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