Monday, December 3, 2012

Grace Girl Picks: Rachel B.

We're back today with a few more exciting selections for you, chosen by Grace Girl Rachel B.  Rachel has picked some very clever items that are sure to make life easier for you and your loved ones - with plenty of style, of course!


Headwraps: prices vary, $15 to $25.
"Cover up your ears, but not your sense of style!" - Rachel B.
Picture this: you're all ready to start your day.  You've got the perfect outfit and a great updo to match - but when it's time to bundle up and head outside, you face a dilemma.  Do you put on your hat and muss up your 'do, or freeze in the name of beauty?  If you've got one of Grace's gorgeous headwraps, the answer is neither!  Our headwraps cover your ears and keep your head toasty warm without the bulk of a winter hat, so they're great to wear with a ponytail or topknot.  Of course, they look just as fantastic with your hair down.  We've got them in lots of colors and styles, including lots of bling!  Just slip one on and you'll stay snug as a very stylish bug!

Texting Gloves

Texting gloves: prices vary, $15 to $24.
"Why get frostbite just to send a quick text?" - Rachel B.
Remember the days when cell phones actually had buttons?  Texting or answering a call with gloves on was never a problem back then.  Now that more and more phones rely on touch screens, it's a little more tricky.  It was, at least, until texting gloves came along!  These gloves have little pads on the fingers that can be detected on touch screens, and let's not forget that they also happen to be adorable.  They're a great gift for all the tech-savvy fashionistas on your shopping list.


Poo-Pourri: Call of the Wild small spray, $8.  Original large
spray, $18.
"When you gotta go, you gotta go!" - Rachel B.
This may be one of the most brilliant inventions in stock at Grace.  Poo-Pourri is a "before-you-go bathroom spray" - with a few spritzes in the bowl, it creates a barrier on the surface of the water that blocks out any unpleasant smells before they start.  This makes a fantastic gift - your friends may laugh when they open it up, but trust us, they'll use it!  We currently have the citrusy original scent and grapefruit-scented Call of the Wild, but keep an eye out for more in the near future!

Now that your list of holiday gift ideas is getting longer, don't forget to look for the Grace Girl/Guy Picks signs in the store!  They'll point out each of these fabulous items to make your shopping experience as simple as possible.  Check back tomorrow for some more Grace favorites!

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